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If you're not sure what the next step should be in making a track you are truly proud of, we are here to offer advice - perhaps you could benefit from our services of mixing or mastering, or maybe you're at the beginning of a project and trying to decide whether to get our team onboard for the full production of your idea.

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Online Mixing

Online Mixing Service

Most of our clients write and record themselves and it's inevitable that an increasing number of successful recordings begin life outside a pro studio. Our audio mixing services offer unrivalled attention to detail from a seasoned professional audio engineer, giving you the reassurance each track has reached its full potential.

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Online Mastering

Online Mastering Services

Mastering can make the difference between tracks sounding good in the studio where they are mixed, and sounding great on any system. Whether or not you choose to make use of our audio mixing offer, or are mixing your own material, it will benefit from being professionally mastered by us.

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Music Production

Music Production Services

Choosing one of our online music production packages, our clients are able to transform their ideas into a finished song, whether the starting point is a quick iPhone recording or a demo track. As well as working with an experienced producer, clients have the opportunity to utilise our exclusive network of remote session musicians and all packages include expert mixing and professional mastering.

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Audio Editing

Music Editing Services

As well as the creative side of what we do, TakeAwayStudio is able to provide a number of audio outsourcing online services such as audio editing. In addition to various types of editing we also offer expert vocal tuning, drum quantisation / sample replacement and many more.

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TakeAwayStudio.com - Online Mixing and Mastering

TakeAwayStudio project brings a new meaning to the phrase 'virtual studio' - an international collective of musicians and audio professionals ready to take your project to the highest level!

Unlike other sites offering music production related online services, we do not represent a specific recording studio or claim that a single engineer or studio facility is ideally matched to every project.

We are not a conveyor-belt style operation, our process always starts with a conversation to place your project with the most appropriate member of the team.

At a time when the number of musicians recording in a commercial studio is eclipsed by the number working from home, TakeAwayStudio.com facilitates a level of quality that will ensure your productions stand out from the crowd.

Comprising a core team of Slavic Selin and Simon Allen (London, UK) takeawaystudio.com is an online studio hub, offering mastering, mixing, music production and other audio services to clients around the globe.

Our platform is unique in bringing together an established network of professionals with complementary skill sets. By simplifying the process of finding and hiring the most suitable producer and engineer for your project, our aim is to help our clients focus on the creativity, instead of figuring out technicalities and logistics.

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Slavic Selin

Music Producer

Simon Allen

Record Engineer / Producer

Sergey Sergeev

Music Producer / Engineer

Nigel Palmer

Mastering Engineer

Tom Fairbairn

Musician / Engineer / Project Manager


I needed a new song of mine mixed and mastered, so decided to try TakeAwayStudios. I had a swift response, followed by a 15 minute Skype call with one of their producers, who made every effort to understand my concept for the track. I received my mix demo the following morning and with minor tweaks, the song was complete within a 24hr period!! Totally satisfied.

Alex from OMELA band