Online Mixing and Mastering

We bring a new meaning to the phrase 'virtual studio' - an international collective of audio professionals, engineers, and musicians ready to take your online mixing, online mastering, or music production project to the highest level!

At a time when the number of musicians recording in a commercial studio is eclipsed by the number working from home, facilitates a level of quality that will ensure your song stand out from the crowd.


Analogue mixing using SSL console.


We deliver hi quality maser files for CD, Digital Download, Spotify, Youtube and Mastered for iTunes versions

Mixing and Mastering Examples

These samples will give you an idea of our online mixing, online mastering and music production services. Hear the difference!

Press play and switch between "before" and "after".
Please note that there is some quality degradation when streaming compressed audio online.


Your music


Your tracks


With our team at all the stages


Your track!

Professional Online Mixing and Mastering services 

Why you need Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing and mastering are the final stages of music production and your creative process. We are here to provide you with the most skilled engineers and sophisticated studio equipment to make your track stand out from the crowd by its' pristine quality. Give your listeners an opportunity to enjoy your music in every possible way. The audience will not appreciate your performance if they can't hear it well. Our goal is to translate your musical ideas to the listener with great attention to detail.

Your song will benefit from a professional mixing and mastering, whether you are a superstar or a beginner artist, you have to please the ears of your fans. It is a good investment in your music career, like a good video or professional photoshoot. 

Many musicians nowadays record their music at home, finding it more comfortable and cost-efficient. Prices of the recording equipment and software dropped significantly, so, from home-recorded demos, they moved to full-scale production in their bedrooms. Everyone can afford a microphone and an audio interface, but very few can get an SSL Mixing Console and acoustically treated room to perform professional studio mixing at their own place. It also requires skills and experience to do this right.

We elaborated our online mixing and mastering workflow to save your time and money. You should stay focused on your music creation, leave the technical part to us.

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What We Are:
  • Team of dedicated industry professionals

  • Network of various mixing and mastering studio facilities

  • Musicians, Engineers, and Producers

  • Over 15 Years in business

  • Aiming for the result

We Are NOT:
  • Conveyor belt processing

  • Single man operated

  • In the box Mixing

  • Amateur setup

  • Bedroom based

Why to work with us:
  • Dedicated professional for your job

  • Analogue mixing on SSL desk

  • Competitive prices

  • Flexible revision system

  • Personal customer support


Spotify and iTunes

Our studio is a certified by Apple Inc.


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