Mixing and Mastering Online

TakeAwayStudio project brings a new meaning to the phrase 'virtual studio' - an international collective of musicians and audio professionals ready to take your project to the highest level!
Unlike other sites offering music production related online services, we do not represent a specific recording studio or claim that a single engineer or studio facility is ideally matched to every project.

We are not a conveyor-belt style operation, our process always starts with a conversation to place your project with the most appropriate member of the team.
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At a time when the number of musicians recording in a commercial studio is eclipsed by the number working from home, TakeAwayStudio.com facilitates a level of quality that will ensure your productions stand out from the crowd.

Comprising a core team of Slavic Selin and Simon Allen (London, UK) takeawaystudio.com is an online studio hub, offering mastering, mixing, music production and other audio services to clients around the globe.

Our platform is unique in bringing together an established network of professionals with complementary skill sets. By simplifying the process of finding and hiring the most suitable producer and engineer for your project, our aim is to help our clients focus on the creativity, instead of figuring out technicalities and logistics.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other online studio services encouraged us to consolidate our network of studio facilities and top audio professionals. We offer a fresh approach to online services, and if you’re still not sure whether we’re right for you – get in touch for a chat.

A lot of studios can work remotely with customers, but takeawaystudio.com is not just a single control room with an engineer – it is like a large studio building stuffed full of mix rooms, live rooms, mastering suites and a talented, enthusiastic and professional group of colleagues who work in harmony with each other across many projects!

Our aim is always to place your project with the right producer or engineer to achieve the best results for you. Availability and cost of a studio, equipment and personnel often constrain what’s possible for certain projects. Our network of professionals aren’t motivated by gaining the most work for themselves in the short term, but strive for a 100% client satisfaction rate, which builds our collective reputation in the longer term.

With this in mind the takeawaystudio.com core team work with an ever extending trusted network of musicians, composers and audio professionals. We work with a carefully selected team and facilities in Europe to deliver the best results possible, in a cost effective manner. We believe the ‘studio’ shouldn’t dictate the outcome, your music should be heard as you envisioned it – or better!