Online Audio Editing Services

Audio editing is a crucial stage of music production and audio post-production process. Audio editing can be strictly technical, or it can be more musical and creative. Technical editing is noise removal, change of the structure, combining takes of recorded materials, filtering out unwanted artefacts. Musical editing is the process of altering the signal to benefit its' artistic content, for example, tuning the vocals to correct the pitch, aligning backing vocals to the main one to sound together, drum quantizing to make drums to play on tempo grid. 
$ 50
Vocal Tuning Online

Pitch Correction Vocal Alignment Backing Vocals Manual Editing Auto-Tune

$ 70
Drum Editing Online

Manual Quantize Preserve the groove Sound replacement Dynamics Control Phase Coherent

Online Vocal Tuning

Voice is the most complicated and usually the most important instrument of your song. Vocal tuning is essential for most modern music production. Voice tuning means pitch correction of the notes, which are not quite right. There are two primary ways of doing it: manual and auto. In auto mode, the voice pitch is corrected according to a key of the song or just to the closest note. It is quick, but in the professional world, it is used only when the "Auto-tune effect" is desired; otherwise, we have to use manual mode. Tuning the vocals manually requires skills, knowledge and experience. It is much more laborious work than auto-tune. Each note has its momentary pitch which and it varies naturally. If you simply draw a straight pitch line, it will sound like a robot. 
We preserve the natural sound of your voice while editing, and we work with great care on every corrected note. 
Vocal editing also includes rhythmical correction, removing unnecessary breathing, reducing harsh sibilants manually (if required), and aligning multiple vocal tracks to sign together. 
Some advanced mixing includes level control of different parts of the phrase and length adjustment of some notes, to get it consistent and groovy. Although it is normally done while mixing, it is still considered to be editing. 

Drum editing online

Drums are giving the rhythmical pattern and groove to the whole track. It is important to be consistent in every bar. Sometimes the recorded drum part is not perfect and needs editing. In MIDI world it is called "quantizing". Basically, matching the drum hits to a grid explains the process. Although it is pretty straight forward, there are many aspects of live drum editing. Music is first, so we don't want to make your beautiful live drums to sound like midi. The value of live performance is that live groove, which comes from the drummer. It comprises of slight irregularities in time and dynamics, which makes the whole track to "move". However, there is a very thin line between "Coll groove" and "playing out of the grid". 
When it comes to multitrack editing, it is also essential to preserve the phase coherence between microphones; otherwise, the sound will be compromised. 
We perform manual drum editing online keeping in control all those aspects.