LANDR Mastering vs real human engineer

Landr mastering service. What is it about?

It is already 2018, and we hear more and more about artificial intelligence (AI). It is inevitable, that one day robots will compose music, draw pictures, do other arts and become smarter than humans, but is this happening already or we need to wait a little bit? Apart from numerous “creative robot” experiments we’ve got a new AI music service called "LANDR mastering" not that long ago. It is automated mastering algorithm. The difference between AI and regular processing is machine learning. LANDR analyses a lot of music content, trying to figure out what to do with your track.

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The secret to a loud mix is... Quietness?

The secret to a loud mix is... Quietness?

Many of you have probably mixed or home-mastered a rock track and tried to squeeze as many dB out of it as possible! The race to win this loudness war is still going, although it does seem to be coming to an end. We still want to get every decibel of perceived "loudness" out of our mixes, but sometimes we simply approach it the wrong way.

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Reinvention of Pop-filter

Pain and relief

Not many studio owners and recording enthusiasts pay due attention to details like the pop-filter of the microphone, whereas in my opinion, it is the most used accessory inside a vocal booth. Most of us, including myself, have a bad experience with different types and brands of pop screens but the latest re-invented pop filter by Pop-Audio has put an end to those bad experiences.

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The Real Art of Recording, Mixing, and Mastering

Learn to listen!

I think for many of us, making music is a way of expressing emotion. It could be with an instrument, your voice or combining sounds on a laptop.Recording studios have only been around for a relatively short time, but have become accepted as a bridge allowing performers to communicate with their audience. As far back as when the first physical media was used to capture audio it has allowed members of the public to store and carry their favourite music with them.

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How to export audio from your DAW for mixing


Everybody is creating and recording music using different programs, sequencers, and recorders. We will identify the program as Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. Each DAW has its own unique session or project format; however, the audio files they consist of are typically the same. It can be WAV, AIFF, BWF, or any other popular format. This article will give you an idea of how to export audio files from your DAW to be transferred for further mixing.

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DIY SubKick Microphone

The concept

Everyone had probably seen the Yamaha NS10’s driver (the popular white cone speaker), mounted on a stand in front of a bass drum head. Many engineers tried this trick, and it worked so well that Yamaha decided to release a product based on it; called SubKick. The concept is very simple; they just added a drum-like housing for the driver and redesigned the electronics as a ready-to-go solution. But what is the concept behind it? Even a large diaphragm condenser microphone has a relatively small capsule to capture all bottom end frequencies produced by the kick drum. Using a speaker cone introduces some wiring complications, but it’s not rocket science since the electronic principal of dynamic microphone is pretty similar to a speaker cone, it just works another way around. You end up with a very large diaphragm dynamic microphone. I’m not going to describe all the technicalities and physics concepts behind it, just remember, that using a speaker cone as a microphone requires impedance balancing, which is done pretty easily by using a DI (Direct box).

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