Our  Engineers and Producers

Slavic Selin is an internationally recognised music producer, songwriter and guitar player.
Slavic Selin
Music Producer / Engineer
Simon Allen Record Producer / Engineer Simon Allen is an internationally recognised UK-based Professional Sound Engineer.
Simon Allen
Record Producer / Engineer
Nigel Palmer is a UK-based veteran mastering engineer.
Nigel Palmer
Mastering Engineer
Tom Fairbairn has produced, played sessions or played live with many well known figures in the UK folk and world music scene.
Tom Fairbairn
Musician / Engineer / Project Manager
Sergey Sergeev is a Russian musician, singer, songwriter and producer.
Sergey Sergeev
Music Producer / Engineer
Secret Weapon
Max Theophanides
Musician / Engineer / Music Producer
  • Music Producer / Engineer

Slavic Selin

Slavic Selin is an internationally recognised music producer, songwriter and guitar player. He started his career at the turn of the millennium when he joined Russian rock band "Arteria". Soon after, he built his first studio offering music production and mixing services. Working with various artists as a producer and engineer, Slavic Selin became recognised among pop and rock artists such as Max Pokrovskiy, OMELA, Arteria, Anatoliy Aleshin, Valeriy Yarushin, Arthur Berkut, Valeriy Kipelov, Anton Belyaev (Therr Maitz), Dmitriy Dobrinin, Epidemia, Forsage etc.

In 2008 Slavic finished the recording of his instrumental guitar album "Senses". The album is a result of 5 years creative work alongside different musicians such as Jonathan Mover (Joe Satriani, Alice Cooper, Shakira, The Tubes), Nick Korshunov (Butterfly Temple, Krematoriy, Paul Di'Anno, Blaze Bayley, Kipelov), Sergey Sergeev (Shadow Host, Arteria). The album was released in 2009 when he moved to Cyprus and continued his music career working with local and international artists as a producer.
Together with Simon Allen and Andreas Georgallis at City Studios he worked with Hovig, A.M.Sniper (So Solid Crew), Christina Chelepou and many others. Slavic participated as one of the music producers for Reality Talent Show "Performance" by CyBC making over 20 original playbacks for TV competition.
In 2014 Slavic has built his own studio in the heart of Cyprus’ beautiful countryside where he continues his work with international and local artists. Slavic's main credo is creativity and creation of original music rather than factory-style production of similar works. Slavic Selin pays a lot of attention to details in sound and music production, aiming for the best possible result every time.
  • Record Producer / Engineer

Simon Allen

Simon Allen is an internationally recognised UK-based Professional Sound Engineer. Working across all areas of Pro Audio but better known for his work in the music industry, he has a unique, high level of experience. He is recognised for his outstanding talent in the understanding of sound and marrying it to the application. With a musical ear, good interpersonal skills and a vast experience of a range of equipment backed by good scientific knowledge, Simon has become a well-trusted engineer by many high calibre artists and clients.
An intense decade of dedication to the industry has lead to working on anything from local projects that interest him to names such as; Mila Kunis, Matt Cardle, Lucie Silvas, Sam Brown, Ralph McTell, Paul Jones, Christos Dantis, David Lynch, Peggy Zina, AM Sniper, Anna Vissi, Fox TV, Audio Network, winning Greek X-Factor singles, Eurovision entries and many more.
Simon’s success is built from his passion for great sound. He has been fortunate to learn everything he knows through working on the job beside some top producers and leaders in the industry. His approach towards projects comes from an understanding of what he wants to achieve and hear, and then utilising technology to find the best result possible. From early in his career, he has been managing full-scale, commercial recording facilities and live music venues both in the UK and in Cyprus. Having been in the industry for a decade now, he spent his first years at High Barn in Essex before moving to City Studios in Cyprus, one of the largest facilities in Europe, as the Senior Engineer.

His experience embraces a diverse range of music genres, from pop through to traditional music, and he enjoys working with a diverse range of artists. Employed as a reviewer for several international publications has allowed him to experience a range of equipment and facilities. He covers all aspects of successful production by combining a sensitive ear with the technical skills to work with musicians, mix and produce a winning result.
  • Mastering Engineer

Nigel Palmer

Nigel Palmer is a UK-based mastering engineer. Originally a musician, he worked as a sound engineer and producer before moving into mastering in 1995, serving artists, record companies and institutions worldwide. Using quality tools in an accurate monitoring environment, his clients range from newcomers to household names and include several Grammy winners.
  • Musician / Engineer / Project Manager

Tom Fairbairn

Tom Fairbairn has produced, played sessions or played live with many well known figures in the UK folk and world music scene, including: Robb Johnson ("Britain's finest songwriter since Richard Thompson", Venue), Musa Mboob (Damon Albarn, Robert Plant), Saidi Kanda from Tanzania (Remmy Ongala, Grace Jones), Zoe Mulford, James Asher (Pete Townshend), Mahesh Vinayakram (Steve Smith, Zakir Hussain) Brendan Power (Kate Bush, Van Morrison), Maz O’Connor, Gregg Kofi Brown (Sting, Billy Cobham, Dennis Chambers, Steve Jordan).

Tom was born and brought up in Manchester, but is currently in London. His life as a musician began aged three when he started learning the violin through the Suzuki method and he went on to study at the world renowned Chetham's School of Music. As a Chorister of Manchester Cathedral, he gained his first professional experience at the age of 8, including live TV and radio broadcasts for the BBC.

Tom later went on to receive a Diploma in traditional music from the University of Newcastle, during which period he was taught by notable folk musicians such as Kathryn Tickell and Alistair Anderson.
Since leaving education, Tom has been solidly building a reputation as a trustworthy and musical Audio Engineer, combined with his playing in various projects and session scenarios.

Concentrating for the last 10 years or so on the live music scene, he has performed around the world including: India, Africa, Australia, China, Canada and extensively in Europe. For many of these performances Tom has been responsible for a technical or logistical aspect of either Sound or Tour Management, as well as playing in most cases. In the UK, his services have recently been in demand mixing live and driving for the likes of Luke Daniels (Riverdance, The Hobbit, Cara Dillon).

This breadth of live experience lends Tom a cool head and easygoing attitude working in the studio, and a passion for efficiency to be a positive force in the creative process! Behind the scenes, he is often the one to ask “can we do this better?”, “how can this client get more for this money?” and also “who wants lunch??”
In the last couple of years Tom has played at WOMAD, recorded at Real World studios and broadcast live on BBC Radio 2, as well as completing a 22 date tour of Germany with Penniless Cove.
  • Music Producer / Engineer

Sergey Sergeev

Sergey Sergeev is a Russian musician, singer, songwriter and producer. He started his career in Moscow band Shadow Host as a singer. After he joined the band Arteria where he met Slavic Selin. Working together at the studio he was producing tracks for rock and pop bands as well as composing songs for his own band Forsage.

Highly qualified in hearing "what is wrong" with a track or an instrument, his creative approach to music production and patience during sessions, leads him to great results. Sergey participated in many Russian projects including co-working with famous singers such as Kipelov, Aleshin, Berkut etc.