Pop Audio Pop Filter Review

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Pain and relief

Not many studio owners and recording enthusiasts pay due attention to details like the pop-filter of the microphone, whereas in my opinion, it is the most used accessory inside a vocal booth. Most of us, including myself, have a bad experience with different types and brands of pop screens but the latest re-invented pop filter by Pop-Audio has put an end to those bad experiences.


Let’s start with a step by step breakdown of the new features of the pop filter, starting with the mount. Instead of an ordinary mount attached to the microphone stand by the screw; Pop Audio designed a universal and rock solid clamp that is compatible with any diameter of the tubing and is easy to reposition. This has put an end to the endless unscrewing and guessing the position of the mount.

Flexible arm

The second component of this product is a flexible arm. It is not a typical metal gooseneck that has difficulty staying in position but is a solid ball and socket joint system which guarantees you the flexibility of positioning without losing the stability and strength. I am not a “designer” but the new flexible arm gives a cool and modern look to the product.

Interchangeable Pop filters

Now let’s talk about the filters as a whole. The box comes with the three interchangeable filters in different materials; fabric, metal, and foam. The fabric filter is the classic option, which is universal for most recording situations. The metal filter is made of two disks with hundreds of 0.8 mm holes, offering acoustic transparency and ease of cleaning and maintenance. I discovered the biggest advantage of the metal filter during a child’s recording at the studio. What is the first thing they did in the booth after they finished checking the softness of the walls treatment and bass traps? They dipped their fingers into a pop filter’s fabric. Not anymore, not after the construction of the new metal version. And now let’s take a look at the last interchangeable option; the foam filter. It has excellent air blasts and moisture protection and, a very accurate frequency response, resulting in great transparency in recordings. All filters are attachable using twist-and-click bayonet mechanism so that no time is wasted. Another good thing about these filters is the scientific research that went into the new design; it provides the measured frequency response for each filter.
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Interchangeable Pop Filters


The conclusion is obvious! Pop Audio did a great job. It has the best pop filters I have ever used. I had the chance of meeting some of the focal people at Pop-Audio but it did not colour my opinion. The product speaks for itself and every penny I spent on purchasing these filters was worth it.
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