Drum Editing



Drum Editing Online Service

Live drums are one of the most challenging instruments to record. But the sound of an acoustic drum kit worth the effort, because it brings individuality and vibe to your track. Modern music utilises sampled drums more and more, and it dictates a sort of standard of the performance. You have to have a consistent sound every bar and be precise on the grid. It isn’t very easy to achieve with the live drummer, so when you get your track recorded, and you captured your best performance, let us take care of the rest. Our engineers will align your drums multitrack to grid without “killing” the vibe, and if you missed a hit or two, we might replace them with the good ones you played somewhere else in the song.

Drum Editing Online – Resampling

Not everyone has access to best drumkit, microphones and gear to record. As an addition we may resample the sound of your drums multitrack with matching high-quality samples, preserving all the dynamics, playing nuances and phase coherence so your kit will sound better than the original. We are aiming to be the best drum editing service online.