Music Production



Why you need a music producer for your song?

The answer is pretty straight forward: for the experience he has. An average musician or a band may produce around ten albums during its’ career. Or even less. Full-time music producer makes that number in a year or so. It means that from the music production side, we have way more experience than a regular musician. When working with a music producer, you eliminate a lot of issues related to recording, arrangement, orchestration, performance etc. We know how the instrument will sound in your final mix before you plug it in. The music producer will give you a piece of advice on vocal techniques to use during the recording, what parts are missing from your arrangement or how “big” should the bass drum sound. TakeAwayStudio has in-house producers covering most of the genres. We can help your music idea to become a release ready product. In certain cases, we may offer the “offline” on-site presence of our professional music production team member for the large scale projects.

You can order a remote production of your song online. The only thing we’ll need from you is your demo and some guidance for the direction. Reference tracks work the best in this case.

We encourage you to contact us before ordering. One of our music producers would like to discuss some details about your project.