Vocal Tuning


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Vocal tuning online

You may do most or all of the recording at home but, then you’ll need to edit your tracks. Depending on the genre, you may require a precise vocal tuning (pitch correction) and time alignment, as well as tightening it up with the backing vocals. When you do hip-hop or rap music, you must be consistent on your double-tracked performance, but sometimes a little bit of help is needed to make things spot on. We offer all these services to you online at an affordable price and great professionalism. We use Antares Auto-Tune and Melodyne to perform manual pitch correction of your vocal tracks. Our engineers utilise their music skills to make sure that all the notes are in the right place, match with the key of the song and sound natural. We also do rhythmical correction and alignment, if needed.

Vocal tuning reference 

If you have a specific melody in mind and you think, that our engineers may interpret some of your performance wrong, please indicate that or attache a melody file to your order. 

Don’t afraid of vocal tuning online!

We know how sensitive it is. Your voice is the main instrument and we will not ruin your performance or overdo the correction. Sometimes, great and emotional takes happen to be slightly out of pitch and we are here to gently correct it with a minimum amount of artefacts or distortion. We are constantly aiming to be the best vocal tuning service online.