Take Away Studio - Why work with us

Why work with us

TakeAwayStudio.com is comprised of highly experienced music industry professionals that earn a living based on the continual quality of our work. The ‘Our Team’ page only scratches the surface when it comes to the professionals we are able to draw upon.

When you work with us, you can be sure your tracks are in safe hands. Don’t think of us as a ‘factory’, TakeAwayStudio.com is the online portal of a close knit international team who want you to have the best result possible, whilst catering for modern budgets.

We are very careful about where each project is assigned for the work in question. A pop production for example, might not benefit most from a mix by our top jazz engineer, whereas one of our pop specialists may not be the best choice for a heavy rock album and so on.

Workflow and Turnaround

As soon as you get your tracks uploaded we will contact you for some details and aim to start work on the project right away. We listen carefully to any material that is submitted before pursuing the requested workflow just in case we have any suggestions. We may recognise your project could be improved via another route that you hadn’t considered, but ultimately the decision is yours.

Typically mixing/mastering work can be carried out in a few days and full song production turned around in about a week. It’s always advantageous to schedule longer projects in advance, but we can also sometimes offer a Fast Turnaround on certain services if needed (usually subject to a surcharge, so get in touch to find out what’s possible).

You are the producer!

When working with us, you are in control at every stage. Some of our clients look to the TakeAwayStudio.com team for a more active role in managing their project or additional creative input, but generally we are here to assist in fulfilling your vision.

In order to ensure we meet your goals for each track, we encourage an initial conversation via email, phone or Skype as soon as we receive your files. You will be able to review the work in progress at each stage to ensure the final result is ideal for you.

Getting Started & Uploading your content

If you have decided to send us your content to work on, you will need to choose which package is best suited to your needs. Pick the level of service which fits your project and budget, then click "Upload Your Tracks Now".

After being redirected to our upload form, you can just drag and drop audio files one by one or upload them as a .zip or .rar archive. You can also provide comments as a text file with your project and we would appreciate it if you are able to provide any reference tracks for us to better understand the result you are looking for. Don’t close the window until the upload is finished!

If you have difficulties exporting your tracks or uploading content, just contact us and one of the team will be happy to talk you through a solution.

What if none of the packages fit my requirements?

You can mix and match (you might be after some basic mixing or pro mixing, with the standard mastering service for several tracks) or we can give you a tailored quote on request. For example, you have 24 tracks for a Mix but your drums also need additional editing, but you don't want the most expensive mixing option, we will find the right combination of services for you. Creative work doesn’t always fit into standard price brackets, if you’re not sure what you need or how best to order it, just contact us and we will find a flexible solution for you. ??

Payments and Money Back Guarantee

We accept payment in advance via PayPal (all major credit cards) or Bank Transfer. For most projects we require payment in full, but we also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied with the work carried out.