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What is the Right Online Mixing Service for You?

If you are uncertain about what mixing service suits you best, please read the following guide.

Basic Online Mixing

Example 1. You had a playback or a backing track of a song (just music), and you recorded your voice at your place. Now you need it to be mixed by a professional engineer, to make your voice sound nicely together with the music. As a result, you will get a stereo mix, suitable for your own use, publishing, adding to a youtube video, etc.

Example 2. You have a band and decided to record a live demo. You went to a rehearsal and managed to get your song recorded as a multitrack. Let’s say you had the following setup: Kick Drum, Snare Drum, Tom1, Tom2, Floor Tom, HiHat, Left and Right Overhead Mic, Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Solo Guitar, Stereo Keyboard, Main Vocal, Backing Vocal. It makes 14 tracks in total. We will mix your tracks “In the box”, meaning that we will use only digital Plug-ins and digital summing. There is nothing wrong with that, and it will not affect our approach to your mix. You will get the best demo record possible, to show to your promotor or label, or make a cool youtube music video of your band performing live.

Standard and Pro Online Mixing

Here comes an uncompromised analog mix of your song at the full technical capabilities of our studio. The only limit here is the track count. Our experience shows that 48 channels are enough for most of the productions. So if your session has less than 48, you can choose “Standard Mixing” and have your mix done, otherwise go for the Pro. It is just the naming, and there is no difference in quality between these two services. We decided to name them like that because you need a little bit more professionalism to get all 96 tracks of some film music or a complicated piece of a rock band playing with a symphonic orchestra to sound good.

Additional services 

During the ordering process, you have a few additional services to choose from to add to your order.

Vocal Pitch Correction

Although you have “some vocal editing” included in standard and pro packages, if you need us to go through your vocal track in detail and fix all pitching and timing issues, you have to select this one. We will also make sure that all backing vocals are tight and aligned. We use Auto-Tune in manual mode to get the most natural sound of your voice.

Audio Editing

This option is good to add when you need to edit your tracks before mixing. It may be quantising your drums, editing bass guitar, tightening vocal double-tracks. If you feel, that there is too much editing to be done before you are happy with us starting the mix, you may go for a dedicated editing service for your tracks. If you are not sure about it, just send it to us, and we will let you know.


Free Pre-Mastering may be included in your package, but if you need a dedicated mastering for your track, you should select this option. It does not mean that the one included is not good. It is normally performed by the same engineer at the same studio. It is ok, but if you need the best possible result, we will pass the mix to our mastering facility with a dedicated mastering engineer to take care of it.